The Monarch


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Rob De Luca- vocals, bass
Paul Casanova- guitar, vocals
Rik De Luca- drums
Rick Chiarello- keyboards

Produced and mixed by Rob De Luca
Engineered by Tom Camuso and Rob De Luca
Mastered by Howie Weinberg
Recorded and mixed at Grammylicious Studios (Studio E), Brooklyn NY.

Songs by Rob De Luca. Songs arranged by OF EARTH

Additional contributors:
Mike May- drums
Rafael Carrasquillo- keyboards
Matt Baram- keyboards
Purple Pam- backing vocals
Russ Lippai- electric piano
Rob De Luca, Tucker Sherry, Tom Camuso- album cover design
Andrew Freeman- album cover photography

Very special thanks: Tom Camuso, Martina Schiele, Charlie Gambetta, The Rock Underground- Bellmore, N.Y., Mike May,,, Michelle Besch,, Scott Harding, UFO, Spread Eagle, Janet De Luca, Her Vanished Grace, Spike Hill, Thomas Simon.


released 14 February 2013



all rights reserved


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"Of Earth" is a multimedia communication utilizing compositions of sight and sound being performed simultaneously.

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Track Name: Sweep The Fire
Losing the truth in the distance
spinning and out of control
Enlist the orphan resistance
No more dirt on your faces
we don't leave any trace

Ringing the words of the elders
singing the songs of the dead
digging the truth from the shelters
No more dirt on our faces

We come out of the night
and into the light

Now your words make your bones
Sweep the fires from your homes

All the lines on your faces
we don't leave any trace
Damn you fools you're wasted

To find you, remind you, align you

We come out of the light
back to the night
Track Name: Prototype
Sons and daughters without fathers lie in service to this machine
Black light science, test tube violence, bring us closer to what it means

We can build a prototype
Never disregard it's appetite
We can build a prototype
You're too tired to feed it
You will have to feed it

Engine's turning, workers learning, hypnotized by the sounds from Above
No more conscience, no more fingers, we keep building beautiful bombs

We can build a prototype
Will it turn on us and take control
Always waiting in the corner, we can build a prototype
You're too tired to feed it, you will have to feed it
Track Name: The Monarch

Slippin' through your keyhole every night when you're so
occupied by someone's heavy hands to bruise your secrets

As the story lies unfolding under scolding wings
I don't understand the things I'm feeling

All these eyes they never roam beyond a jar that we call home sweet home

Deceiving breathing through your airhole wont you feed me
Spit me pretty words that you don't need

You can put me on your shelf where I can be myself see myself

You won't see me there pretending not to care about
The other flies upon your wall

You won't see me there pretending not to care about
A butterfly upon your wall
Track Name: Open Letter / Everything
Rocket shells and stones for skipping
In my mind this war is dripping
Who knows the black holes like I know now

Take me home

Dear mr. resident, I am so afraid
I am not an animal
I am not a criminal
Mothers, daughters how we all bleed
Fill your cup with apologies

Everything you want will build
Everything you want will ill
Everything you want will kill
Everything you wanted